Monday, August 16, 2010

Polka-Dot Fudge

Let me just say that, if it’s upsettingly beautiful outside after it’s been hellish for weeks and gives no description of the clouds or storms or anything because the day plans only to be lovely but instead just states boldly that it’s going to be WINDY, you better go fly a kite, if you know what’s good for you.

Preferably on a giant bluff above Holmen.

With your dog. Trust me, twenty minutes in, she’ll start happily rolling in something stinky.

This is my new kite, by the way, the potential filler of the hole Mr. Wingsy left in my heart. Her name is Polka-Dot Fudge, because she reminds me of eating fudge at a nice little candy shop. And she’s polka-dotted.

She’s homemade, too, if you’re thinking Why would Brian spend his money on a piece of crap like that? Well, stop insulting this "piece of crap", because she FLIES. Can you fly? Didn’t think so. She has much more inherent value than YOU, you flightless nay-sayer.

(P.S. Second Grade Journal #3: My Knowledge of Holiday Characters, Revealed is on it’s way.)


  1. I LOVE this entry! Every picture and word made me smile. Especially the one of Mags rolling in something stinky. She looked like she was totally enjoying flying a kite with you.

    I looks like your home made kite flies great! YAY you!

  2. oooh. I forgot to ask in my first comment....why does a green polka dot kite remind you of eating fudge in a candy store?

  3. Gosh this is adorable!!!
    It made me so happy.
    And your pictures have been fantastic lately. I adore the black borders. It looks so professional and fancy. I am jealous.

    Oh and HOW EXCITING THAT YOUR KITE ACTUALLY FLIES! It looks freakin' good. Sexy, even.

    Love the name. And it's nice that you finally have a female kite. Probably making up for that second grade journal entry of sexism. Right?

  4. Response to Twitter Tweets:

    Oh I think PWN mostly applies to winning, but if you said it to a bookworm who also plays video games, it might be funny.

    "Hahhahahahh," is what I say to the John Arbuckle thing. Just don't get an unfunny cat.

  5. p.s. When you read "PWN" how do you pronounce it? I think it might be Pown... with a long "O" (pretty much "own" with a "T." But who knows, it could be "Pwin" or something.

  6. This annoying flood of comments might be proof that I think you are a good Twitt. Or Tweeter-Twat.

  7. I figured it was the equivalent to PONE. I hate it. I don't like it at all. Nor do I enjoy it.

    I don't KNOW why it reminds me of eating fudge, but it does, okay? Just think about a refrigerated sweet-smelling candy shop, and then look at this kite. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  8. And, for your information, the borders around the pictures are DARK GRAY, not black. Black was too bold and made the pictures look dark. :)

  9. Dad here. Wow, what a beautiful day and cool clouds. Two questions: why doesn't your kite have a tail and did the Maggers run to get your kite airborn?

    Looks like Mags was having a blast!

  10. Hahah I think when I said own with a "T" I meant "P."

    The borders look black to me!!

    Also, you SHOULD add a tail :D