Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A year ago today I created Popcorn Day, my beloved blog. [Looks blurrily into the distance.] Oh, how things have changed! When once I had no followers, I now have 24 (and some who are too afraid to push the "Follow" button)! When once I had a plain white background, I figured out how to edit my HTML code and I now have popcorn! When once I had no need whatsoever to be a Blog of Note, now it’s my only obsession! Where would I be without my Popcorn Day?!

[While I was popping a small amount of perfect popcorn kernels over the stove, they kept popping all over the place and my dog ate most of them.]

Anyway.  I’m glad you’re reading my blog. Because I like writing it. To many more years! [Raises his bowl of popcorn and dorkily imagines a crowd of people wearing tuxes and dresses also raising theirs. He steps off the podium and the crowd goes wild. Then he crowd surfs as the hired band plays Surfin’ USA and everyone laughs and joyfully cries as they carry him across the room while fireworks shoot somewhere in the distance. Then there’s a sentimental moment when most of them realize, Wow, this blog has really touched me. And it’s been a whole year! And Mr. Google comes and awards him a trophy that says BLOG OF NOTE and a giant check for all the money he’s ever needed. Then Oprah, Barack Obama, and Albus Dumbledore pick him up on their shoulders and crowds via satellite from his hometown, The White House, and Zimbabwe cheer as the song from the Where the Hell is Matt video plays. Confetti. Slow-motion. Shooting stars. And popcorn.]


  1. Tear, tear, tear, how sentimental!

    So glad you started blogging and got me into because it is way fun!
    (Plus we're SO much cooler than Facebook and Twitter. Seriously.)

    Looove you.

  2. Wow, I like how your dreams have now invaded your day-time thoughts! Or was it a dream? Or is it a premonition? (it could happen!)

    btw: that's why God invented lids to keep an eats-too-much-dog from eating most of the popcorn.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I've thoroughly enjoyed this past year of Popcorn Day! Keep on bloggin'!

  3. Heheh I thought of it as an overactive imagination myself.

  4. Oprah, Obama and Dumbledore? The 3 most influential people you could think of? Funny!

    I was also going to mention a lid for when you are popping popcorn on the stove. Probably a good thing you were only making a small bowl!

    By the way? Do you even like to eat popcorn?

  5. I did have the cover on, just slightly raised so I could hold the top and shake the pot to keep the kernels from burning. Those little buggers slipped through!

    You say "Overactive Imagination" like you do "Overactive Bladder." Isn't it supposed to be a good thing?


  6. Shouldn't you get 5 points for thwarting? :-)

    Thwart Schwart...we're not thwarting!

  7. I don't know if the game pertains to comments. I'll have to consult the rule book.