Friday, August 6, 2010

Dream Distractions (Alliteration is only for cool what does my title tell you?)

In the past week, each morning I’ve woken up remembering the dreams I've had the night before, but have then become distracted by the fact that I have a New Pornographers song stuck in my head. Yes, upon waking, I’m already mentally singing songs. (What is wrong with me?!) This is what the last couple mornings have been like:

Wednesday: Dream? NO! The Bleeding Heart Show. (Their--and maybe THE--best song ever. If you need to know why RIGHT NOW, bring the video to about 3:00.)

Thursday: Dream? HECK NO! The Crash Years.

Today: DREAM? Maybe...dee dee dootoodoo...SIKE!! Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk.

(And for my aunt Julie who I know reads this all the time, and who was forced to hear me hum this song for the entirety of my trip to her place in Milwaukee: If You Can’t See My Mirrors.

That being said, I don’t remember any of my dreams because the songs are too good. (If you're wondering why my a.m. mind is so enthralled with The New Pornographers, I saw them last Wednesday with Christie in Madison and I'll never be the same.) However, one special morning, as I felt the dream being pushed out of my mind by another one of their songs, I drowsily grabbed my phone and wrote what I remembered. And I quote:

“Dream…dwight and pam were in love, i played super mario, and cuba gooding junior was the president or something and eating swiss chees bites made him say something secret.”

How the hell am I supposed to blog this? When I had a cryptic dream like this before, I embellished and made a story from it, but this one is so straight-forward and strange. How can I connect all of these stories?! That being said, I feel as though only way to express it is to make a SUPER COLLAGE of this zany (5 points!) dream.  I believe that this is what was going on in my head...

[And don't think this is some swanky (5 points!) Photoshopped, done-in-thirty-seconds kind of things; these are grass roots, non-electronic, hand-cut pictures held together by masking tape, people! It took me A LOT longer than thirty seconds.]


  1. Hahahahaha I love it. Still listening to the last video (Sweet Talk) as I type this.

    The collage is amazing. I see you kept this dream a secret from me to make this blog more of a surprise! Hmmm....

    But is that woman REALLY Pam? Doesn't look like it to me.

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  3. I have to admit, the more I hear The New Pornagraphers, the more I like them. I love when you see a group perform live and they make you much more of a fan than you ever were before. It was that way for me with REM.

    REALLY??? That's Pam? Even as a Fancy Pam, it doesn't look like her!

    BTW: the female lead singer has an awesome voice! They do all kind of look like a bunch of normal joes and young moms that rock their socks off on stage!

  4. What Pam? I don't know what you guys are talking about...

    And I'm glad you're liking them, Mom! I've been trying to get you to like them for, what, like DAYS now? :)

  5. Its a Pam MIRACLE!

    I still don't think that was really Pam!

  6. Dad here, wow so many people in your dreams/post. Still, I wish I could remember my dreams as clearly as you do. The more I try to remember,the further (or "fruther") from it I get.

    I agree with Christie, she doesn't really look like Pam to me. Maybe Pam's aunt. Or her older sister who lives in Iowa.