Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey Folks

Remember when I used to write on this thing? 

Shut up, computer.
My other blogging friends can attest to this: it’s always bizarre blogging again after you’ve been away for awhile. And by “away” I mean “forgetting.” On one hand, I don’t want to apologize because it’s my damn blog and I can write whenever I want. But on the other hand, I’m not the total douche-mobile as the previous sentence suggests. 
“I’ve been SUPER busy,” I feel I should say. But really I’ve just been doing grown-up things that are just strange to me. So I guess what I really mean is, “I’ve been SUPER unfunny.” 

My time has been filled up with things like working lots of hours and paying bills and moving away from thieves (also known as roommates) and spraying mice with Fabreze and being locked out of houses with golden retrievers and going grocery shopping and pretty much having a quarter-life crisis each week which resulted in the acquirement of a record player, a hammock stand, two legal pads, and the way things are going, probably a banjo, a unicycle, and a ferret or something. 
Okay, maybe some of those things aren’t necessarily unfunny. 
But the deal is, blogging has once again gone to the wayside. 
So while I’m avoiding apologies and explanations, I will say this: consider this my knock at the door, saying “Can I come crash on your couch again? I have some funny stories and lots of popcorn.”