Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Fall Over There

It’s not cold yet, but I can feel it approaching. The sumac is halfway red. I longingly look at the sweaters in my bottom drawer and my $30 Gap gift certificate that I will use to buy the itchiest, fluffiest, comfiest, warmest, coolest, fall sweater I’ve ever known is burning a hole in my pocket.

Fall’s coming.

Christie and I get excited to see the early-bloomers of colored leaves.  (I wonder if they are as envied by other trees as the early-bloomers in grade school were. Just a thought.)  “Look! It’s fall over there!” Christie says whenever we walk past a bright orange tree. It’s almost fall over by a tree right next to my dorm.

I’m past the [sigh] I wish summer would last forever stage and I’m thirsting for some crisp fall air and leaves to crunch under my bicycle tires. Bring on the cold, Minnesota! I know you can do it! 


  1. It's been 80 degrees every day for the past week....but I can feel fall coming too! I can't wait! A sure sign of fall is that I'm canning salsa to last the entire year during every possible free weekend. It's typical that I'm sweating to death while I'm canning salsa...ya have to can while the tomatoes are ready, there is no choice in the matter.

    But, I WILL wait until the chill is in the air and the leaves are swirling around our yard before I go to LaCrescent's Bauer's Market and buy apples grown right here in our beautiful bluffs. Our house will then be filled with the smell of spiced apples....what an enticement to come home for a weekend, eh? Bring Christie too! Tell her that spiced apple canning isn't as painful as chopping hot chili peppers and jalapenos for salsa!


  2. Yum! Apples!!!

    I'm excited too, it wasn't very hot today :). Justine says it is fall already. Hahahha.

    Also, I was going to blog about this exact topic, how embarrassing!!! OMG OMG OMG

    I like the half-red tree picture a lot.

    And yes, I do think the other trees might be jealous. Or is it more like old age where the green trees feel superior because they still look supple and green?

  3. The prettiest sight are the trees that are just beginning to turn! Every year I look forward to seeing these 2 trees on my way to work.

    First halfway yellow/orange and then in full color and then....well it's great while it lasts!