Friday, September 11, 2009

Planner Problem

I bought a new planner today, and believe you me, it was not purchased without an anticipatory feeling of guilt.

Here’s my deal with planners. Once, maybe twice a year, I get a new planner. I usually go to Barnes & Noble confident that I’m going to find the perfect one for me and it will change my life. Maybe I’ll even buy a new fancy pen to use only with this new planner. The problem is, I never end up using it habitually. You’d think someone as persnickety as me would love something like that, but no. I’m pretty sure I can find a pretty hefty stack of planners that have only two weeks filled out.

Nonetheless, I have not yet learned my lesson.

Maybe this year, with my new goal, I’ll use it more. It’s still not looking too promising, though. 


  1. Wow Brian, I know exactly how you feel!

    I too, always start out with great intentions using my FREE teachers planner (from Lakeshore Learning store).

    I fill in all the sections I need to know to make my week of preschool and toddler classes run smoothly.

    It is great! Or, I should say, it would be great! if only I would remember to look at it-aarrgghh!

    Often I look back at it and think, "Oh yeah, I was going to do blah, blah, blah with the kids :( but i forgot... it would've been great though."

    Then in January I try to start fresh again but by the end of the month or into February I am back to my old ways-a scrap of paper here, a post-it note there, planning week to week.

    This year I decided not to go get my free planner and actually I AM FREAKING OUT a little!!!!

    How can I plan? What will we be doing on the first day of school?? How will I cope???

    I have been writing things down on random pieces of computer paper and thinking about it a lot but it's not good enough!!!

    I finally made copies of a preschool lesson plan, 3-hole punched them and put them in a 3 ring binder and this weekend I will write down all of my ideas in one spot and I will be in control and BE ORGANIZED! hahahahaha, well you know, you've got to keep believing and hoping.

    I hope this is an inspiration to you to USE YOUR PLANNER! Maybe you will get a whole month out of it this year hehe. I will check with you in November.....

  2. i'm glad i'm not the only one. hehe. :)

    i used my planner this weekend and it was quite helpful. i'm trying to make this work, but i just don't know if we're compatible. i feel like i'm in a failing marriage.

  3. wow, mom, you're right, that WAS a really long comment!! :)

    Personally, I LOVE planners! I'm so furious that we don't get Bethel planners this year! Not only are they the perfect size, they already have all the breaks and events typed in! Lame.

    BUT, I do have the same planner as you just got, Brian and since you write in the dates yourself, everytime you give up and start again, you can keep using the same planner until you are finished with it... years if it doesn't work out, a few months if it does.
    You're welcome.

    p.s. I love my planner.

  4. We all aspire to be a organized and color coordinated as Christie, right? (that is only 1% sarcastic and 99% true!)