Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things That Hold Things

For probably six years or so, I have developed a mildly passionate obsession for Things That Hold Things.  What do I mean by Things That Hold Things, you ask? I mean anyThing That is specifically elected to Hold another Thing. 

Pencil holders.

Desk-organizational thingies.

Anything cute with a drawer



Waste Paper Baskets.

You name it. I love it. Take me to Office Max, and that’s the first place I’ll go and drool. Opening and closing drawers, imagining what I could put in this box, in that container, just besieged and smiling at all the Stuff That Holds Stuff. (Then I would head over to the Sharpie aisle, but that’s a different story.)

[Disregard the Dwight Bobblehead. I just wanted to show it off.]

I recently added to my collection by purchasing something called The Really Useful Box.  And I have to say, this Thing That Holds Things actually is a Really Useful Box. At three by five inches, I could put anything in it. Anything in the world. Currently, it’s holding my Spanish flashcards.

[Hey there, gorgeous.]

And now there’s one less item that doesn’t have it’s own cute little place in my room. Ah, Things That Hold Things, I love you. I truly love you. 

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  1. My blog is in this picture!!!

    I've always liked things that hold things too... not as much as you of course... but there's something satisfying about organizing and knowing you are organized. (or at least pretending)