Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to Ol' B.U.

Oh, snap. 

(That’s not a “me” kind of phrase, is it?)

Whether it fits me or not, I’m back at college. B-E-T-H-E-L University. Bethel, in Hebrew or something, means “The House of God.” Even though I love a lot about this university, I would probably call it something different if I was in charge of naming it. But that’s something completely different that belongs on another ranting blog—not this non-ranting blog I promised it would be.

Unfortunately this year I didn’t come to school tanned, bulked-up, or sexier (which has been my fervent goal ever since I was old enough to care).  I wonder if anyone else had that mindset at the end of each school year. This summer I’m going to get muscular, tanner, I’ll get a new hairdo, my teeth will be whiter and straighter…I’ll be a completely different person! Maybe I’ll even have a girlfriend slung under my arm to strut into school with.

Needless to say, I’m still my skinny, pale (scratch that—farmer’s tan-clad), dorky self.  

[Remember me? I look like an anorexic Doug Funny.]

Anyway. The point is: I’m back, and I’m ready to actually succeed in my third year of college.

I realized a while ago that I have not received an “A” as a final grade in a serious class (by “serious” I mean not Gym or something like that) since middle school.  My mom would tell you, “Listen, it’s not that he can’t get A’s…he just doesn’t work hard enough."

And that’s true, I guess.

Jeez, I hate it when my mom’s right.

So it’s my goal this semester to receive an A as a final grade in a serious class.  I’ll let you know how this objective pans out. 


  1. I KNOW you can do it! (and in more than just one class)

    So, what's Christie...chopped liver?

    And I was going to say that you probably have a better tan this year than ever before, but you're right....I suppose it does qualify as a farmers tan, but still....

    Keep focused. Don't procrastinate. You'll do great this semester!

  2. Wait, why did you ask if I was chopped liver?

    It will be so exciting for you to get an A! Once we start having actual homework and get really busy and stressed (inevitable) I will try to remind you to study!

    I love you.
    Chopped Liver??

  3. I asked why you were chopped liver because Brian made that comment "I'll be a completely different person. Maybe even have a girlfriend slung under my arm to strut into school with." He DOES have a girlfriend to strut into school with! :-)