Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting My Sweet Shop On

Next to the old Maid-Rite restaurant, there’s a small candy and ice cream shop in La Crosse called The Sweet Shop.  I took a trip there this summer with Christie.  Up until this summer, I had forgotten about it.  And I had forgotten that I had taken pictures of it until the writer of one of my favorite blogs wrote about her much loved ice cream shop in her hometown. So I’m copying her. No big deal, right?

When we got there, one of the employees—scratch that, insert “one of the two employees”—was out in front of the shop feeding almonds to squirrel. When we went inside, this man helped us decide what flavor of ice cream to get…

[Who wouldn’t buy ice cream from this guy?]
I bought cotton candy and fruit loops flavor. Real sophisticated. Christie got mint chocolate chip. (Ahem, loser.) 


  1. Really, cotton candy and froot loop flavor??

  2. My personal favorite at the Sweet Shop...Strawberry Malts! YUM!

  3. Technically, you got one scoop of cotton candy flavor, and one scoop of "blue moon" which the old man behind the counter described as tasting like froot loops. ;)

    That was delicious, by the way.

    There's also a cute picture of us eating it on the steps of the pretty church across the road.