Friday, August 28, 2009

[prolonged sigh]

Well, it’s almost over, my friends.


They days are calming down, I’ve got Chaco lines on my feet, I’ve got boxes waiting to be stuffed in my van and driven up to my junior year of college, and I’ve eaten more corn on the cob and drunk more sweet tea than I care to mention. (The answer is a lot.)

Yes, summer’s almost over.

This may be the last time I get to sit in my hammock until next May.


Well, it was great while it lasted.  And the cool thing about seasons is that they keep comin’ round, so no worries.

On to sweaters and cocoa and scarves and leaves and…homework. Hoo boy. 


  1. I love fall! Hoodie sweatshirts, red wine, home made chili from the tomatoes that I'm buying at the farmers market and then canning, red wine, canning a year's worth of salsa, canning spiced apples that I get from local orchards, red wine, taking hikes on paths covered in dried leaves, having it cool enough to cover up with a flannel quilt made by grandma to read a good book, and so much more.

    Although, one new aspect of fall that I'm still getting used to is the empty nest with both you and Linds in the cities. But that's why God invented blogs, email, cell phones, and texting.... :-)

    You had an awesome summer!

    Check out Brian's Godscallisabroad blog if any of you missed why his summer was so awesome!

  2. (that could have been your own blog post, mom) :)

  3. Tess is right, fall is the best thing in the world! I can't wait! Don't forget pumpkin-flavored everything, brand new notebooks, biking over crunchy leaves to make noise, perfect weather, and apple cider!!

    Hey Tess, the Star Tribune had an article about being an empty nester and it said now is the time to travel, redecorate, throw a party, or get a pet.

    And Brian, I think you have a twig or a bug on your right ankle. Better check to make sure it's gone now :).

  4. I think the twig/bug (or possibly a blade of grass) is on his left ankle because his legs are crossed!

    I agree that fall is the greatest but what really makes it great is the change of seasons and the fleeting beauty of those perfect fall days that soon turn into winter!

    Its the fact that they come and go so quickly that makes us treasure them when they are here, don't you agree??? (Just like you crazy kids)

    Wow, I am very philosophical tonight, probably because I spent the day moving Christie into her awesome new place at school.

    PS: one more great thing about Fall--NO BUGS!