Monday, September 7, 2009

A Dream Comes True

A few weeks ago I was driving in BBB (Brian’s Bitching Buick) and I found something that literally made me slam on my breaks and pull over.

That’s right, readers.  Just like in my first post called Popcorn Day (the dream after which this whole blog is named), there exists a “Walnut Street.”

I was in La Crescent, Minnesota (across the Mississippi from La Crosse, named just so people confuse the two) when I realized I was driving on it. 

Sure, I wrote originally that it was “Walnut Lane,” and this is “North Walnut Street,” but this is just too darn close to even be bothered about whether it was a street or a lane. It could have been an avenue, for all I care.  Or a path.

Anyway. Walnut Street. It’s a pretty big deal.

No popcorn, though.

But I danced a little. 


  1. YES! Did you really dance? I hope so. But I am curious if you actually danced or just danced inside your head. Because you would probably have had to get out of the car to dance. (Well... and to take a picture, for that matter, so maybe you did.)

    Anyway, that's great. Walnuts are pretty happy fellows :).

  2. Ummmm....I believe that should be "Brian's BITCHIN' Buick" (drop the g on bitching). It sounds so much more tough that way! :-)