Friday, September 18, 2009

Over the Handlebars

I’ve ridden my bike to class every fair-weather day for the past two years. I gingerly lean through sharp turns, pedal up and down hills with ease, maybe pop a wheelie three inches off the ground. I’m really good.
This week, however, the earth must have rotated a bit faster, the wind must have been a little bit stronger, or those darn landscapers must have moved the rock wall on that corner two inches to the right, because I fell off my bike.
I felt like Calvin learning to ride his bike in the old comic strips. And when I fell, it wasn’t like a stumbled to the side and got back on, I was actually thrown over the handlebars.

The first time I was trying to run into Christie’s wheel with mine, got tangled up, and went flying. The second time, I ran into a rock wall on campus and, again, was thrown over my handlebars and crashed into the ground, slamming my shoulder on Christie’s wheel, and bending it. 
The wheel, not my shoulder.
I’m a little discouraged to get back on.  I’ve been told it’s just like riding a bike. That doesn’t really help.  


  1. oH geez.....I'm not going to even ask if you had a helmet on.

    I'm assuming you have no broken bones, or stitches, or a concussion.....

    I'm assuming correctly, right?



  2. WAIT A know my first motherly-instinct jumps immediately to your safety and well-being (did you ever know that about me?) :-)....but I read this again...and BOTH times you've either ran INTO Christie's bike INTENTIONALLY, or you actually DAMAGED Christie's bike! So, this begs the question HOW IS CHRISTIE??? Did she go flying over the handle bars too????

    Dare I ask if Christie had her helmet on? :-)

    Hope you're both okay...because I kinda like both of you alot!


  3. took me three comments to finally think of one more question.

    How's my poor bike that you kind of adopted since I haven't ridden it in years?

  4. wow mom. yes, christie is fine. we just have to fix her bike. :)

    your bike is a little scratched up, but is going to be fine.

  5. Hehehehe thanks for caring, Tess. I enjoy how many comments arose from this one blog :).

    As for you Brian, you still owe me a trip to Erik the Bikeman's!!!