Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't Stop.

Sorry, I just can’t do it.  I can’t resist the urge—nay, the need (and a quite new need, may I add)—to keep blogging.

It’s just so darn cool.

It all started with the idea that I would document my travels during a two-month trip in Europe.  Great idea, right? I gained 21 followers, and wrote about 35 entries, and fell.



It’s that simple.  I started reading other people’s blogs, and was terribly impressed and humbled by some, and terribly disturbed and baffled with an overwhelming feeling of “uh…what?” by others. And I thought mine was okay…I mean, it was a nice little blog, written by a mediocre writer, with a bunch of pictures from Europe scattered about. Not bad.

(Bee Tee Double-You, if you want to read about my travels, the old blog is still up.

But it all came to an end.  Within a few hours of posting my final entry, I began to feel the withdrawal.  Blog withdrawal. Blogdrawal. Withbloggal.

My girlfriend Christie just started a blog.  It’s awesome.  More inspiration for me to write another one. I visited the Blogs of Note page and felt a hunger I have not felt for something in a long time (besides yesterday before breakfast), which is that of the desire to be like one of them. I watched the movie Julie & Julia and it got my blogjuices flowing—which I’m guessing it did for millions of others now that it’s been released; Julie & Julia is going to do to blogging what Across the Universe did for the song Blackbird.  Everyone with a little hint of skill at the guitar (or, in this case, computer) will be trying to recreate it. Heck, I may be one of them. If at any point I find that I’m just adding to the noise, don’t worry, I’m outta here.

(I loved Julie & Julia by the way. Incredible acting. That Meryl Streep is going to be something someday.)  

So here I go.  Blogging again.  This time, with no considerable goals—just a scattered mind and a few things I’d like to share with those who will listen. The only loosely thought-out goal is to keep my life interesting enough that people will continue to read—that means that it must interest me, too, and I don’t want to read someone ranting about politics or their f***ing friend Lila who won’t stop hitting her boyfriend when she’s drunk at parties, so I promise to avoid those types of subjects at all cost.  I’ll just talk about life, and an occasional dream, and see what comes of it.

Good idea? 


  1. Yes. Good idea! Whew....glad you're not planning on ranting about politics or talking about drunk friends acting stupid!

    I enjoy hearing about your meandering thoughts, because those same thoughts usually end up to be quite thought-provoking.

    I like to hear other people's don't be shy, people! I think that's what I like most about blogs...the interaction between the readers and the main writers.

    So, keep it comin' Brian (and Christie). Blog on!


  2. Yay! I love your blog.
    Nice picture, hehe.
    Hopefully, someday, SOMEday, you will become a beloved "Blog of Note." You will gain soooo many followers if that happens :).

    I love you!

    p.s. I think you are a good writer.

  3. What! I'm a Label?!

    I feel so honored!!

  4. yes, christie, you're a label. when someone says, "hey...i want to hear about that funky girlfriend he has," they'll know where to click. :)