Monday, October 5, 2009

Mr. Wingsy

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the right time to tell you about my brand-new kite, but the weather has been so bad and the wind has been so low lately that I couldn’t take any worthwhile pictures.

Until now.

Last weekend Christie and I took a five-hour trip with my aunt from Minneapolis to Milwaukee to visit my other aunt. We spent two days walking around Cedarburg doing Emerson Merrick-y things, like peruse antique stores and getting our grub on in little crêpe cafes. A little gimmicky, but big fun.

On Sunday we had a few unscheduled hours, so Christie and I took advantage of the winds off Lake Michigan to break out Mr. Wingsy. 

(That’s my kite’s name.)

Isn’t he great? He looks like a pro and flies like your favorite single-lined childhood dream of a kite. I had gotten rather lonely after I retired my other kite, named M’Kite McAwesomePoppins, who I took with me to Europe this summer. Read my old blog to find out why I can’t ever fly him again.

Anyway. Mr. Wingsy is a dream. I love him in all his RipStop nylon perfectness. 


  1. Christie says:

    I like Mr. Wingsy. I however, need to replace Ms. Poopybuttpants, my kite.

  2. Awwwww.... what happened to Ms. Poopybuttpants?

    Not sure if I want to know how you came up with that name. :-)