Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gummi Krunchy Bears (An Update With a Better Picture)

Whenever I go on a road trip which causes me to stop at a gas station, I always stop by the candy aisle. Not because I crave the familiar high-fructose corn syrup goodness of Skittles or Starbursts; it's because I have a sick need to find the weirdest candy I can and try it.

Today, on a trip up to Duluth with Christie, I found these gems at a Marathon station. Gummi bears adorned with crunchy colored beads. This is almost as epic as the day I discovered candy sugar cigarettes. 


  1. Geez, Christie...I'm sure I would have gotten so much more out of this halloween blog entry if the molded florescent green hunk of processed sugar gooeyness would have been in PERFECT focus! I feel slighted somehow...but it's only icky green too-sweet and probably too-sour candy so I'm over it. But next time, if Brian has a really good piece of CHOCOLATE yumminess, please steer clear of the bumps, so we can fully appreciate the beauty.

    Happy Halloween! Get some pretty Duluth pictures!


  2. Wow, I though it was a photo of a REAL bear in the wild. A little disappointed here.

  3. Those were dang good.
    But Brian isn't cool enough to ever get chocolate, so I'll be stickin' to those bumps.

  4. Awww...So Christie DID avoid a bump or two! YAY!!!!!!

    This photo kind of makes me want to think about maybe eating this hunk of blue goo! I bet it tastes nasty, but the texture of the little marbley bumpy things along with the slippery slidey gummi part would be kind of fun!


  5. It is fun and you are right, 90% of that is because of the texture! HOWEVER, the marbley bumpy things are sour-ish and good, so it tastes nice with the gummy center :). (Maybe you're not convinced)

  6. Well, if these little gobs of slippery, crispy, sour, sweet neon colored convections ever make an appearance on a road trip me one. I am intrigued....