Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For those not in the know...

Okay, this may just be for Christie. But for those of your who have already seen this wonderful song from The Music Man which I mentioned in the "Yeah, We Got Trouble," post, let me tell you: it will most likely make you smile.

Unless you hate good things.

I love good things, so this made me smile.


  1. OHHHH! It's all coming together now. You were not simply spurting nonsense from your lips to the keyboard.
    Good to see your mind is still healthy.

  2. We just watched this movie about 2 weeks ago! I smiled through the whole thing! It was wonderful!


  3. Hi Brian,
    Glad to hear you are felling better! A fun fact for you...the barbershop quartet is from Fairmont, MN, Grandma Schroeder's hometown. The won a competition held by the studio. Big deal in Fairmont!! Love you!

  4. wow! that really IS a fun fact! how cool!