Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Cowboy to the Rescue (A Nod to Blog Action Day)

While I was sleeping the other night, I was just getting done with some late-night shopping in my mind. Taking my bags to the car, I noticed that the car I had parked next to had a couple with some car problems.

“Car trouble?” I asked, all studly-like.

I forgot to mention they were wearing a tuxedo and a wedding dress.

They said, “Yes! Our car won’t start. Can you help us out?”

“Where yuh headin’?”  (This time I was like a cowboy, apparently.)

“Bethel University.”

“Well, I’ll be! I’m draggin’ my donkey down thur m’self. I could bring yuh along.”

“Oh, that would be fabulous, Cowboy Man, thanks!”

“Only one problem though. Ma van’s full. The only space I have for yuh is way in the back. And yull hafta squish. You two getting’ married?”

“No, we already are. We’re just wearing these for a night class presentation.”

“Very nice. I reckon you two’ll git a good grade.”

“Thank you, Hoss.”

“Hop on in.” 

And I drove the couple to Bethel in my van.

Car pooling is a good way to reduce the amount of exhaust that goes into the air we breathe. The more we carpool, the closer we will get to being the clean Earth we strive to be.

It’s Blog Action Day, and over 4,000 blogs are teaming up around Bloggsville to write about a global cause in order to spread awareness about it. This year’s topic is climate change.

I carpooled in this dream, rode my bike to prom in another. In Just a Flying Frog in Paris, I dreamed about the future of our earth if things keep going the way they’re going. One lesson here is that my dreams are greener than yours, but another lesson is that we should all take time today to think about the ways in which we can help the environment and make climate change history.  What do you say? Let’s make our lives greener.

I still can’t believe that I dreamed about shoving people in the back of my van.  I don’t know who I dream this garbage.

Speaking of garbage: decrease your waste by buying reusable bags and recycle properly.



  1. HAHAHAH nice connection, weirdo!
    (this is taking longer than usual, as the "o" and "9" on my computer are broken off and i must carefully press the little plastic nub thingy under the usual key.

    why couldn't the "q" have broken instead?!)

    Anyway, is Hoss a usual cowboy name, or just for you if you were a cowboy?

    I think you meant "I don't know WHY I dream this garbage."

    Your dreams are sooo green. (So is your favorite color. And that sweater you wore the other day.)


  2. Awwww....your dad will be so proud when he hears that you're a cowboy in your dream and being called 'Hoss'!

    Nice segway into Blog Action Day, weirdo! (heehee I just HAD to copy Christie on that term of endearment)

    Your MamaBlogga