Monday, June 14, 2010

A Soggy Day

Not the best of days today.  I would elaborate as to why, but I feel as though that would just make this a complainer’s blog, which I so adamantly vowed, from the beginning, to never let Popcorn Day become. Let me just say this: after five days of rain, I’ve been forced by Mama Nature herself to not cut the grass in my yard for waaaaaaay too long.  So today, when I was already experiencing a bit of an attitude problem, I set out to mow my lawn. said it would storm later in the day, but I figured that I would be able to outrun it. You can guess what happened, I’m sure; halfway through finishing the yard, it started pouring rain.
[Bollocks. 5 Points even in a bad mood.]

Anyway, I moved on from that and am now determined to talk about something happy.  So let’s take a look at my weekend, shall we?

My cousins came over to visit for the weekend, and one of my favorite things that we did was head down to Caledonia Street for some lunch. First a little about Caledonia Street.  This place is such a strange area, because it’s filled with dozens of fun shops, including one of the first Maid-Rite diners and a wonderful old place named simply, “The Sweet Shop,” which I have written about before. What’s so strange about it is that it always seems deserted—a lovely little street frozen in a quiet moment.

Anyway, on Saturday I had my second Maid-Rite ever (my first Maid-Rite was on Friday).  I still don’t understand how loose ground beef on a cheap bun with some cheese pages can be so addicting and enjoyable, but it most definitely is. Maybe the wonderful little diner with its very own regulars that know each other’s names have something to do with it.

And someone was really thinking when they plunked (5 points!) an ice cream parlor ten feet away from a diner that serves extremely salty culinary pastimes!
[The sign in front of the Sweet Shop says "Summer at the Sweet Shop, some are not." The reason for that? They're all at Maid-Rite and planning to jump over there in about twenty minutes.]

I have just greeted this Monday with a funk, that’s all.  I plan to be better by later tonight…or tomorrow…or Wednesday, which says should be sunny.

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  1. Talking about unfortunate events in a funny way does not a complainer blog make.

    Hehe, at least you can still safari in part of the yard before the rain subsides, right?