Thursday, June 3, 2010

Many a-thing a-happenin' a-today...

Any day when I’ve taken enough pictures of lovely things to share multiple stories is a day I can consider “seized” in my book. announced the hourly forecast from 8am to 8pm was either 75 degrees or 76 degrees, so I met with one of my favorite people to go for a walk in Riverside Park. Having arrived early at our meeting place at Jules, one of my favorite coffee houses in La Crosse, I sauntered over to the connected used bookstore to pass the time. In something that I think would qualify as a nook or a cranny, I found a bright green chair. 
[I’ve seen chairs of the same shape and style, but they’ve always been a lame gray-pink color or something. If this doesn't amaze you, probably you’re just a bit saner than I am.]

When I re-entered Jules and sat down in a booth, I found an old man sleeping across the room. I snuck a picture under the table.
[Ironic that he's sleeping thirty feet from a counter behind which all the caffeine he could ever need sits.] 

My friend and I then had a wonderful time walking through Riverside Park, and I found a dapper old man on a bench.
 [A top hat, huh?  Good for you, gramps.]

And then I came home, and made a delicious pasta dish with asparagus and bacon and other yummy stuff, and served it decadently on a paper plate because our dishwasher is temporarily broken and we don’t want to hand wash our real dishes. (Yeah, we’re really roughing it right now.)

[It was delicious.]

….aaand that’s my day.  The second day of a summer full of Popcorn Dayness. I suggest you all do something blogworthy—something you can take pictures and tell people about—at least once this week.  It’s working for me so far.


  1. wow...that should be added to Alanis' song "isn't it ironic. It's like rain on your wedding day. It's like taking a nap a Jules."

    And to top off your day you created an impromptu song from a request at River Jacks about pole vaulting. Well done!

  2. I think you should make that meal for us the next time you visit! Looks great and has all my favorite stuff-asparagus, bacon and cheese!

    Artsy pictures! Bravo for making them 'blogworthy' hee hee!

  3. Oooh! I want to hear this impromptu song! Love the picture of the old man on the bench! Your summer is so cool :)

    Love you as well!

  4. Hehe, I can't even remember that song. it was pretty fun though.

    it was a good picture day.