Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Points for "Swanky"

A while ago, my roommate said, while talking about me, “Muh…my name is Brian and I love to confuse people with my extensive vocabulary. Muh muh muh.”  What irked me was that he said it in a mocking tone. A bad thing to use many different words?  What? Huh? Come again? Say what? ¿Qué?  Excuse me? 

You know what, I run in the face of my roommates tone.  I say, “You don’t like my words? You don’t like my words? Well, YOU SUCK.”

I may have a larger "vocab" (that's what the kids call it) than some, but I’m still not satisfied with all of my word choices. I can't say no to word-crack. I get the munchies for interesting wordy-turdies.

While reading wonderful blogs like No Telling and perusing through Eat, Pray, Love, which I’m currently doing (quick book review: Lovely and funny, I’m in the first third of the book, and I’ve never wanted to eat more.  There’s no telling what urges I’ll have for the next two. Some say it's a chick book.  Written by a woman, yes; talking about things like love, eating for pleasure, and the occasional flower, yes. A chick book? No. Anyway…), I find more and more wonderful, colorful, shiny words used so eloquently in these texts that I could puke all over them.
So I made a list when I started writing on this blog called Words and Phrases I Need to Use More. Some items were “Smattering,” “Persnickety,” “Dastardly,” and “I like the cut of your jib.”  Some I have used, some I haven’t.

New incentive:  Five points for every fancy word I use in the following posts.  I’ve put a sidebar of all these words on this page. In the future, maybe I’ll construct some sort of tally system.

Word and phrase suggestions are welcome.


Here is the list of words and how many times I used them before I stopped. 115 points earned, with each word used at least once. Not bad.


  1. Totally agree with your opinion of Eat Pray Love. I'm really not looking forward to the movie. I'm a little concerned they will chick-flick-ize it. I don't want them to fluff it up and suck out the soul of the book.

    Anyhoo...moving on...I like your new focus on under-appreciated words in your blog. And I like it when you create words when the right word just doesn't exist. Wordie-turdies. heehee.

    Rock on with your bad self. (Not sure why those lyrics popped out of my fingers and onto this comment, but it's from the old song "rock the boat")

  2. Have you ever read "Double Trouble in Walla Walla" by Andrew Clements? True, its classified as a picture book, however, its gorged with jibber-jabber sorts of words as the characters become ensnared in a word warp. Perhaps it could inspire new vocab.

  3. HI! I haven't stopped by your blog in forever! I would like to reserve the book "Eat, Pray, Love" after you're finished with it. Maybe then I could have an extensive vocabulary as well! -Hey a girl can dream. ;)

  4. Before I say how awesome this post is, I must point out that there is a typo: "cute of your jib"...

    Now, I can say it--love this post! It is a great idea.

  5. p.s. Sure you don't want to add "grumples" to your list?

  6. mom, your worries are the same as mine about Eat, Pray, Love. that would suck. if they put enough italy in it, however, I'll still be happy.

    Hey Augusta! I'll look up that word. :)

    HEY Lindsay! You can have it after I'm done. I think you'd LOVE it.

    Christie, OMG HOW EMBARRASSING!! I'll fix it. and "grumples" is an honorary word created by me...i don't think you understand the rules.