Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day with My Dog

When the freaking roofers were making so much freaking noise in the house that I just couldn’t freaking take it anymore, I decided to take my dog Maggie to Riverside to get away from it all for a few hours. Ben, my poor cat, had to remain at home.
[Just look at that happy face. That means stop staring at my dog's butt, sicko.]

I don’t know whether it was the beautiful weather, or the rush of doing something illegal (there may or may not be an indiscriminate, miniscule yellow sign that says “No Dogs Allowed In The Park”), but Mags and I had a wonderful time.  I sat and read while Maggie sniffed the air, barked at the occasional passerby, and was chastised by me for barking at the occasional passerby.

Things were going well, I thought, when she sat down. Perfectly, in fact, when she laid in the grass. Amazingly when she saw a squirrel and only pointed silently.
["I'm going to politely kill that fuzzy-tailed twerp." 5 points for my well-vocabulated canine!]

My jaw dropped and I realized Mags was in heaven when she started chewing on a stick. And I, reading the overly-lovely Eat, Pray, Love, couldn't be happier. 

I’ll return to talking about normal things when I stop being distracted by cutesy-wootsy puppy-wuppy things. Goodness. 


  1. What is "normal" if not reading and puppies?
    I can see you LEG in that picture, you slut!
    When is this noisy roofing going to be done anyway?

    Love you!


  2. Today! Finally!

    And I've never heard your voice on this blog, Mr. Sveen. Or should I say, "Soon-to-be-Mr.-Springborn"?

  3. OHP! Just realized this is Christie on Billy's profile. You cra-z trixters!

  4. Awww sorry if I disappointed you that it wasn't really Billy there!