Friday, June 25, 2010


Though this summer has been mostly successfully relaxing so far, I realized yesterday that I had not hung out in my favorite place in the entire world:  my hammock. Really, how could I have forgotten?  How could I have thought about summer plans for a single second and not thought hammock, Hammock, HAMMock HAMMOCK!!!  How could I have neglected my spirit so?  What’s wrong with me?!  So last evening I sat in my hammock.

It was even more wonderful than I remember.  I started reading, at first, but then I couldn’t help but close my eyes and in that moment I did something:  I freaking REALIZED. I realized how great it is that my parents have become so obsessive about bribing birds to hang out near our house by putting an a**load of feeders in the backyard, because there scads and scads (I'm couting that as 10 points!) of freaking birds chirping and singing that our backyard is never not filled with music.  And I realized that it was probably the perfect evening ever; a smattering (5 points!) of clouds here and there, a tiny breeze, and the tired warmth of the six o’clock sun. I realized that we need more trees; not that we need the shade or anything like that, I just like trees.  I realized hammocks are probably the coolest invention known to humankind.

One bird was courageous enough to come and visit me. Usually these persnickety (5 points!) birds are too full of themselves to eat when we irritating humans are around (they’ll wait smugly on the fence until we leave), but this little guy must have been really freaking hungry.  Good for him. 

For those of you who don't have a hammock, you know how to fill that inexplicable hole.  Menards has them. So does everywhere else. Don't make me tell you twice. 


  1. There's a method to our madness! Tons of bird feeders = tons of cute little (and sometimes big ugly) birds!


  2. I love it! So glad you had such a fantastic summer day after that short funk! Yay :)