Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Simply RADISHing Day

I already regret that title. Ew. A lot of my puns always sound so good before I say them, and then afterwards, could make even the Get Fuzzy comic writer Darby Conley go give me a sideways glance.  (“You’re a cat with a dream to be a dictator? What are you, Benito Meowsolini? Fidel Catstro? Adolf Spitler?”  ShutthehellUP, Darby! You used to be so good!)
[I miss the days when you used to make me laugh, instead of make me regret the days I ever started loving you.]

Anyway, I picked our first radishes today, which is really the only reason for the janky (5 points!) title. They’re almost all full grown now, spicy as heck, and we have (as one of the most irritating people I’ve ever met says…) a veritable shmillion of them.
[Aren’t they pretty?]

The weather channel couldn’t stop warning everyone around here that there is a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING coming tonight, so to appreciate all of the precious time we had left on this earth, I went to Riverside with my good friend who I call “Tego.” We also got some candy and other delicious things at the Pearl Street Soda Fountain.  
 And speaking of fountains, the one in Riverside was freaking going kuh-rayzaay in the pre-storm wind.

[If only I had a kite.  I shall get on that.]

Oh, and I stopped my car, made an illegal U-turn on a busy street, and frantically searched through my car for a quarter to buy a lukewarm glass of green Kool-Aid from a kid selling it in his yard.  It would have been more worth it if I had brought my damn camera.

And yes, the Weather Channel was right; it's raining, some would say it's pouring, and I'm pretty sure, at this time of night, some old man somewhere is snoring. If the rest of that prophetic poem also comes true, I feel very sorry for the old man's family.


  1. This is cute! I enjoyed. I'm glad you appreciated your last day instead of panicking and buying out the supermarket like I did. Storm's over here now. Whoops.

    Miss you!

  2. ...and yes, there was an (I won't say old because that would mean I'm married to an old man and I don't like the sound of that) man snoring last night during the thunderstorm! But he didn't bump his head, and he woke up this morning all bright eyed and bushy-tailed as usual and ready for the day today! :-)

    Awww. You don't like Get Fuzzy anymore? Sad.

    Beautiful radish shot! They look so sweet and innocent, but wow were they hot!!!