Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'd Like To Read Everything in the World, Please.

I took another trip to The Pearl Street Bookstore in La Crosse the other day. Though I have very little money and have a reading list the size of my arm, I still check out what’s new in the store so I can buy it and write it down somewhere near my armpit.

And, as is quite common when I spend a half hour browsing in that place, I end up with a stack of thirty or more books that I would be totally willing to lay down the dough for (if that dough existed).  And then I leave. Empty handed. Longing for the capability to just sit in a chair and read every book ever printed in one afternoon, and gain the knowledge and insight and philosophy and satisfaction my heart has always ached for.

But that’s not the case, unfortunately. Technology and Science have become too focused on making a better iPod and curing cancer and not focused enough on what I want: to read every book in the world. And what’s worse: people keep writing books! What in the world am I ever going to do? 


  1. THIS is the respect the Pearl Street Bookstore deserves! YAY! I love that place! Well, when you do get a little cash that you can start spending on books, at least this is a place to get a good deal....most of the books are used. Until then, there's always the library for endless amount of FREE reading. Of course, you then have a deadline looming in front of you about how fast you have to return the book and that kind of sucks the fun right out of it for me.

    Hey, do they allow you to take these books into Jules Coffee Shop to browse through to see if you want to purchase it? Or do they allow you to take coffee from Jules into Pearl Street Books? Seems like a no-brainer to me, since they have that handy dandy walkway between the two of them...

  2. um...i think they would be against bringing the books into jules. but i've brought coffee into the store before. however there is no place to sit in Pearl Street Books (too many books), so the place is perfect for a quick skim of the first three pages or so of a book.

  3. This post is an exact mirror of my feelings on books! Actually, what I've always wished is that I could have 2 full lives. One would be just for reading (and maybe a few good movies) and would carry over into my other life which would be for everything else! Brilliant? I think so too.