Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pictionary This: Scrabble with a Twister! It's so Taboo! Sorry!

It's happened many times before:  "Man, I wish proper nouns were allowed in Scrabble.  I have the best word!" 

Well, Christie and I tried it. We decided to play Scrabble using only proper nouns. It should be easy, right? We always wish we could use proper nouns. This will be a breeze. 

Not so much. 

Turns out not being able to use real words is insanely difficult. We played through half a bag of letter tiles and quit. Here's our outcome. 
My favorite is the name "Fergie," and I think "CW" (the television station that plays shows like One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek reruns) is pretty hysterical.

I think we'll stick to regular old Scrabble from now on. 

(And as far as the title of this entry goes, I'm sorry about the corniness.) 


  1. "Dite"? Doesn't sound like a real name to me!

  2. oh..."dite" is a long story. it's kind of a name, anyway.

  3. There was song that was about leaving your lover and said things like "just make a new plan, Stan" and other rhyming phrases.

    I had it stuck in my head and made up my own line: "leave in the night, Dite." Brian hated it because he thinks Dite isn't a real name. But it's in a song, so obviously it IS.

  4. Best title EVA.

    Also, I dropped some tiles during a previous game... and said, "MY EYES MY EYES!"

    Then I showed Brian the tiles, I and I. We laughed really hard (probably because it was late and we were sleep drunk).

  5. I would have thought it would be easier to use the Scrabble tiles with proper nouns too! That's funny that you guys tried that.