Saturday, September 4, 2010

DreamBomb, or 50-Word Sagas, or I'm Two-Thirds of a Good Person When I'm Unconscious (Part II)

Just like last time, here are three dreams that I had that weren't detailed enough to give them a full post, so they're written using only 50 words each--no more, no less. In the first two, I come out looking like waaaaay too good of a person. Evidence in Dream #3 shows that I become less of a good person if something disappoints me.

Dream #1:
“Hello, Brian! Would you like to invest in my new product?”
“Of course I would! What is it?”
“Tobacco cookies.”
“Tobacco cookies?”
“Yes, cookies with tobacco in them. All the taste without the smoke! What do you say?”
“No thanks. Let’s go rollerblading instead.”
“Oh, come on!”
“No means no.”

Dream #2:
Next! Oprah brings an inner city class to visit Brian Schroeder, the famous forest restorer!
“We come to you via Skype from the forest Brian restored!” says Oprah.
“Thanks, O. It’s really impor—oh no!”
[Massive noise.]
The children scream.
But the tree only sings a heartwarming song.

Dream #3:

“Ready to see it?” says Grandma.
“When pushed, this teacup reveals a compartment that holds small items.”
“What? Lame.”


  1. Well....a secret teacup is pretty lame. So, I up your good person status to 7/8 of a good person. Just don't be so sassy to Grandma next time.

  2. I'll take it. And I really shouldn't have been sassy to The Queen. You never know if she'll want to get all Queen of Hearts on me. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!