Friday, July 23, 2010

Dream Bomb, or 50-Word Sagas, or It's my time to shine.

During my dream-sabbatical, I had a few tiny dreams that I didn't think were necessarily good enough to share on their own. But I felt a little guilty leaving them out, so I took a page from The London Journal's book and many other 50-word Blogs and wrote each dream out in 50 words, no more no less. Apparently 50-word stories are pretty popular, and a good writing exercise. Here are the dreams, told using exactly 50 words each. I think you'll find their pithiness (5 points!) charming. 

Dream #1: 
The Italian restaurant was charming. While watching someone struggle with the bathroom doors, Lord Voldemort appeared at our table. 
Didn’t Harry kill him already?
Apparently not.
It is my time to shine.
“That’s it, Voldemort, I’m sending for Dobby the House Elf.”
“NO! Not Dobby!” He shrieked and ran away.

Dream #2:
Tuxes donned, guests seated, flowers placed, music playing, and I’m thrilled for my wedding.
It’s my time to shine.
Outside the doors of the ceremony, I wait until they open to reveal…what? The wrong bride? Cheap decorations? Our wedding’s in a crappy civic center?  I’ve made a horrible mistake. Bollocks.

Dream #3:
We needed a quick getaway.  Why, I couldn’t remember, but was reminded quickly when I saw BAD GUYS chasing us. Broom closet, here I come.
It’s my time to shine.
After passing out the sweeping supplies, I gave quick lessons on flying these things.
Even I was a little rusty.

Dream #4:
EXPERIMENTAL FLYING MACHINES, the sign said above a curtained opening, TESTERS WANTED!
It’s my time to shine.
Stepping into the dark lab, I was given a wristband and a token, and handed something resembling a large plastic razor scooter.
It flew pretty well, but not perfectly. Still totally worth it.


  1. Oh boy, this is a really good one!

    Also, I like your new layout a lot. I might just have to change mine over to the new style!

    Niceeee drawing of Voldemort.
    And I enjoy how 50% of your dreams now relate to Harry Potter ;).

  2. I know. It's really getting ridiculous. I think I probably just wish I were him. Or at least Ron.

    And I LIKE my drawing of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

  3. I

    I was unaware that Voldemort had 7 legs and 1 arm or is it 6 legs and 2 arms and why is he afraid of Dobby??

    I was confused.

    I hope this post works out because as I type, the text is just showing up as faint lines and dots but when I hit return, the words show up! At one point the curser randomly jumped up to the sentence above.

    Is this only a bad dream????

  4. Mom, he's just running fast in that picture, Voldemort has the normal number of arms and legs. YOU'VE READ THE BOOKS BEFORE! Come on.

    But the real reason I came to comment is that I just noticed what you did with having a catchphrase throughout each dream and I like it.