Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have tasted freedom and it tastes like PUTT PUTT

The Day: yesterday.
The Place: Riverside Amusements.
The Weather: hotter than sh*t.

Christie and I took a Connor The Neighbor Boy to play minigolf and race GoCarts.

An oversized God Bless America t-shirt + different colored golf balls + SPEED

 = Awesome.

Despite the shadeless, breezeless concrete park that surrounded us, we had a lovely two hours. We kept hydrated by drinking water and stepping in the manmade streams to retrieve our golf balls (even when there were cups on the ends of sticks that we were supposed to use and signs saying “don’t go in the streams”…don’t tell mom).


  1. Christy was here? I'm sad because I did not get to see her. Let's face it, I haven't gotten to see you yet, either. :(

  2. Let's PUTT PUTT then!!

    just kidding. let's get together soon, though, bergum!

  3. Well you should have come to bible study!!

    That was very fun, Brian. Good description of the day. :)

  4. Connor is such a cool little kid! He actually looks a lot like you when you were that age...AND he's a musician already!!! Did you hear him play the ukelele???