Thursday, December 3, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure I: Snow

I thought I'd take a 45-minute break from my studying for finals to record a little Christmas diddy for my faithful follower(s). I haven't released anything musical for over a year, so I figured you'd like to hear something new of mine. Just a quick a recording of a totally new arrangement, written by yours truly.

Also, we got our very first snow today! Yippie-kai-ay for a light dusting.

It's a wonderful song...I don't know why I can't find any other people covering it. And I thought I'd give a you a little looped animation to look at while you're listening.

So here it is. Snow from the movie White Christmas. Hope you enjoy.

(c) 2009 Brian Schroeder


  1. LOVE it! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!Mom

  2. Beautiful, the piano playing is fantastic!

    Loved your concert too! I am glad I could come :D

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  4. That's a fun version of the song! Well done Sir! :)

    I have to say every time I hear the song and it reaches the part, "I wanna wash my face, my hands, my hair with snow" I cannot help but cringe at the cold cold COLD thought of it. They cannot really mean that, right?! Burrr!!! I would even go as far as to say washing in snow is one of the worst ideas of "things to do in the snow" EVER! :P

    I feel that I must admit although I enjoy the song, I usually fast-forward past it while watching White Christmas. I just get annoyed at the lame-o winter scene they all make with the napkin... Brian, I'm surprised you even know that song since I almost always skip it! Just like the Rizzo song in Grease. Hahaha! Silly, but true.

    (PS-I noticed a typo after I posted my comment and had to fix it. I'm a nerd!)

  5. thanks, everyone. i showed christie that song for the first time on YouTube and she also thought that lame-o napkin scene was ridiculous.

  6. Brian, I really enjoyed that song!! I played it for my roommate as well and she liked it too!

    -Marina (I always have trouble leaving comments so I just left one as anonymous)