Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure III: Christmas Waltz

Christie and I took a trip to La Crosse's Rotary Lights at Riverside Park last night and it was nauseatingly lovely. Something about that commercialized, sparkly, but nostalgic Xmas Light Thing brings a song to my heart. I just eat that stuff up.

Take a walk with me and Christie's new camera that doesn't necessarily take the best videos (hey, it was its first try at a light show...that's a big pond for such a young, tiny fish) and listen to The Christmas Waltz, a song I couldn't remember for the life of me during the whole recording and editing process, so I named it things like Frosted Window Panes and Christmassy Song and Fa La La La La. If I was as cool and witty and spunky as I wish I was, that last title would be true, but it's not.

Happy Xmas Eve EVE, faithful follower(s)!!

Christmas Waltz
Arrangement (c) 2009 Brian Schroeder


  1. LOVEEEE this song! It's very cute :).

    And sorry-pitarry that my camera doesn't take the best vids of many small lights at night! You saw those pictures in the promotional magazine! They sucked too! So there!

    Plus that was really fun. And listening to how your recording process works today was also fun. Even if I did get a lil' bored at the ending.

    Love you always.

  2. I loved that little song! So is it a real song and you write your own arrangement?

    I also LOVE Christmas lights :D Marina and I went to a similar display in Duluth!!

    Merry Christmas Brian :)