Sunday, January 3, 2010

Enough with the Absences, Already!

I realize I haven’t posted for way over a week.  I realize that, okay? And don’t think it hasn’t been weighing on my mind, either—guilting and insulting me, reminding that I’ll lose all my follower(s), that I haven’t really been too busy not to blog, “You said that once a week at least you were going to post something, Shreds. Once a week!”

I hear you, Popcorn Day.  And thanks for calling me Shreds.

Although I severely neglected my poor little bloggity blog, I am proud to say that I did accomplish and experience numerous feats during my break from school: I introduced Christie to eggnog and the movie White Christmas, two things she had never had or seen before; I visited Rotary Lights in La Crosse, as mentioned on my previous post; I went sledding at midnight on Christmas Eve, and only cut my lip, which qualifies that as a relatively safe ride; beat my dad eleven games to ten in ping pong (that’s right, math people: I played 21 games of ping pong this break), I read two books, My Lobotomy and Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone; I had curried moules and crème brulée* which I hadn’t had since my summer in Europe; and I drove Christie to the airport where she flew off, all the way over to India, leaving me sad and alone until the end of January. (Read her blog.) 

As you can see, I did many a thing this break.  And now I’m packing up, laundering every article of clothing I own, and eating all of my parent’s food I can before I leave tomorrow morning for J-term.  Environmental Ethics is what I’m taking for the month. Three hours a day, starting at one o’clock. J-term is a very good thing, minus the fact that my little omelette folder is gone.

Now I can confidently say that I’m back, follower(s). The chilliness of January will most assuredly keep me in my dorm room nice, warm, and slowly getting fatter (unless my New Year’s resolution to hit the campus gym at least twice a week doesn’t fail). Hibernation, frozen nose hairs, and frostbit toes await me. And that, my friends, is the perfect recipe for blogging.

*And look at this feast! I'm sorry, I have to talk about it. Kafé 421 in Dinkytown. Delicious Curried Moules and Créme Brulle. Mouth watering. Perfectly prepared. I-think-my-tongue-has-died-and-gone-to-heaven good. I mean hello.


  1. Oh my gosh I had no idea that you were a ping pong player. Used to be my game but I haven't played in awhile-maybe I will take you on someday!

    I guess Christie made it to India safely! It's weird not being able to talk to her whenever I want too.

    Happy J-term.

  2. Heh, I don't know mom, he's pretty good.

    Hey, you switched to a label cloud! Thought you hated those.

    Even though I knew pretty much all of these things, it was fun to read because I like the way you tell stories. :)

  3. oh, yes, i am pretty good. but i'd take you on brenda, if you're okay with losing. :)

    i figured the label cloud would take up less space than the list. i didn't like it before because i had like 6 labels. now that i have about 600, the cloud looks much better, doesn't it?

    i'm so excited to get a comment from india! wow!

  4. It IS exciting to get a comment all the way from India! I can't wait, Christie, to see your first post!

    Brian, you neglected to write about your dinner at the Indian restaurant with Christie and her family! :-( I really wanted to see pictures of it!


  5. What is a label cloud?

    I now want to play 21 games of ping pong and see if I can win the most!!!
    I also have been told I am 'pretty good'

    No pictures from the Indian restaurant, not one of us remembered our camera!! Everything was good but not too spicy (some of us just can't handle it-sorry!)