Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fraidy Cat Lion, By 3rd Grade Me.

My parents finally found it.  As I mentioned in Lallapalooza of Lions, the lost book I wrote as a 3rd grader has reemerged, and as promised, here it is. Notice how my drawings now are really not too much better than those from ten years ago.


  1. ADORABLE! Well, you saw me read it, so you saw how much I laughed.

    I like how you dedicated it to your teacher, suck up!

    P.s. read this--it's everything hilarious you would love to say about sports:


  2. What a creative kid you were (are)!

    You'll have to get Christie to show you the books she wrote in elementary!

    Very good drawings I thought :D

  3. i really need to see those books, christie.

    i'm so glad that my mom finally found this. it's even better than i remember.