Sunday, November 8, 2009

By Popular Demand...

Well, actually only by two people saying I should post it...

Here's a 5-second StopMo I did right before I went to bed the other night. It's not much, but it's kinda fun. Also, it's the first time you readers of my blog get to hear me sing in the 5-second score. 


  1. Man I got really confused about "Talkity-Talkers" I thought it was a label at first but it wasn't on your label list!! Then I clicked on it... it took awhile. But I get it now. Cute.

    And I LOVE this video :). The soundtrack reminds me of the Doug theme song... but you already know that.

    You should probably make a longer one... just saying...

    Love you!

  2. I really should, shouldn't i. i'll totally do it when i have a whole day to commit to it. :)