Friday, August 24, 2012

Tunnel of MURDER Love

Christie and I went on our annual Minnesota State Fair trip yesterday. It’s the best thing that exists in Minnesota, or maybe the entire country, and we’ve even decided to go back again in a few days because we didn’t get to eat everything we wanted to. I mean, I only had one Pronto Pup. ONE. It’s like I didn’t even go. 

In my defense, however, I also had a thick slab of spicy bacon on a stick, three cups of chocolate milk, a bag of Tom Thumb Donuts, and Bacon Flavored Ice Cream.  And I registered to vote, had a blood sugar and BMI screening (I passed both with flying colors), took a vision test, sampled honey, learned about a revolutionary new hose nozzle, pet a baby goat, met my favorite radio announcer, and went down a big slide on a potato sack. 

After a few hours, our stomachs became too full to walk anymore so we decided it was time to go home. And then we saw Ye Old Mill. 

Apparently it’s been a ride at the State Fair for 98 years, and we’ve never even heard of it, so we decided that it was 100% necessary that we took it for a spin. We paid our $3 and then learned that The Old Mill is actually one of the last remaining Tunnels Of Love in the country. 

Now I’ve never been in a Tunnel of Love, but I understood that they're romantic boat rides that take young lovers through dimly-lit tunnels, accompanied by glowing pink and purple hearts. Most of the couples nervously look around, maybe hold hands, while some of the more confident ones make it to second base.  I may or many not have learned all of this from Hey Arnold. 

This is going to be cute! we thought, as we loaded our rickety red boat.

We entered the tunnel, and this is what we saw. 


And we continued to see only that for a few minutes. We had no idea how fast we were moving, or whether we were moving at all - just complete darkness. And all of a sudden I realized Oh crap, maybe this is actually a trick Tunnel Of Love that is actually a haunted house. Something’s totally going to jump out at me, and I’m going to fall out of the boat and into the dirty State Fair water and drown. 

I was a little tense.

Soon enough, we saw light coming around the corner and I thought that maybe, thank God, the ride was over, but then I saw this. 


Yes. A dim forest filled with LSD-soaked leprechauns playing a silent “We're Going To Eat You”  tune on their pan-flutes. But as soon as they appeared, the current took us away from them and into complete darkness again. 

After a short sojourn of terrified darkness, we once again happened upon a forest. 

And this continued. 

By the end of the ride, I was thinking, My God, these demonic leprechauns are going to come alive and tear my eyeballs out and force my head under water, where I’ll drown and reanimate as one of them.  

So I tried not to think about it. 

ME: Haha, Christie. Let’s take a picture.




  1. Nothing turns me on more than psychotic gnomes blowing on wooden straws. And the suspense of it all! Darkness....darkness....BAM! Gnome-induced orgasm.

    1. Well then clearly the MN State Fair is where you need to be! For me, it's Pronto Pups.

  2. This really cracked me up I was laughing so much that Maggie started freaking know how she gets when she thinks you're laughing at her and then she starts frantically licking your face?

    First of all I have to know if that last picture was posed or just completely unstaged. It's hilarious!

    And I guess we now all know that you haven't outgrown your claustrophobia....but it's morphed into a weird irish monster phobia.

  3. Replies
    1. I know for a fact that you would not like this ride. I won't make you ride it.

    2. I just now saw this reply. I went on the ride yesterday, swore the entire time, thought I was dying, and have renamed it Ye Intestines of Satan.

  4. Okay, were you planning this post when we took that picture? I'm just awkward in general, so my part was unstaged. I wasn't that scared though, just confused. Or something.

    Also, learning about that hose nozzle was the WORST. Brian loves to chat with sales people for a long time and then not buy anything, which always makes me feel guilty. On the other hand, no way am I paying $30 for a hose nozzle. Lifetime guarantee or no.

    1. I was just showing my emotions. I didn't know you would be so murdery.

      The hose nozzle was cool. I wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, I only had enough money for Pronto Pups. At least the guy got some sales practice.