Friday, January 20, 2012

An Uncelebrated Popcorn Day

Guys, I did it again. National Popcorn Day was yesterday. 

[You remember our cast of characters from last year, don't you? They're just as disappointed.]

Yes, January 19th, the day that should have been spent popping popcorn and blissfully throwing it at unsuspecting passerby, the day that should have been filled with a little extra pizazz and a lot of extra salt, NATIONAL POPCORN DAY was once again completely ignored by me, its biggest fan. I spent the day doing stupid non-celebratory things like grocery shopping and working and making Tater Tot Hotdish.

I apologize to all my readers, I apologize to this country, but most of all, I apologize to myself because I’m a narcissist. 

I want to go into my cupboards and apologize to the four mini-bags of popcorn in there, but I CAN’T EVEN LOOK THEM IN THE EYE RIGHT NOW.
I feel the need to apologize to people on the street for not attacking them with popcorn yesterday, BUT THEY WON’T UNDERSTAND. 
I’ve already created three alarms on my computer for January 19th 2013, BUT MOST LIKELY THE WORLD WILL END BY THEN AND I’LL NEVER GET TO CELEBRATE MY BLOG’S NAMESAKE. 

This must not happen again. Next year, on January 19th, which is a Saturday so you should all be available (even you Canadian ones), we will have a party big enough to cover all the sins and transgressions of Popcorn Days Past. I will dress up as a giant popcorn kernel and tackle people in downtown Minneapolis. My hipster artist friends and I will create a whimsical stop-motion video of the life of a man who loves popcorn and rides a giraffe-sized bicycle around searching for it. I will record the official Popcorn Day song, which will be sold on iTunes for all my Faithful Follower(s) and their friend(s) to purchase and wake up to in the morning. And all will be right with the world. Next year, baby. 
In the meantime, go back to the very first post this blog ever had and have a mini-celebration of the new holiday I just created for people like me:

See you next year at the party. 


  1. Oh, Brian, Brian, Brian. We counted on you to keep on top of it. Very disappointed. (Though we did coincidentally eat popcorn on January 19th, we didn't celebrate it as we should have.)

  2. Love it you sucky holiday rememberer guy sir.

  3. Though unknowing, you celebrated Popcorn Day better than I did, Wynn Anne! I'm disappointed in myself, too.

    And thanks, Christie, for making it look like I commented under another name to make it look like I have more readers.

    1. You're welcome. It was a good post though. Even though I am worried about the logistics of this party next year, I know we'll do something fun!

  4. I celebrated Popcorn Day by discovering that my phone could read texts outloud. Andrew then texted me the words "Holly cronk donkers" so we could hear it being read over and over again.

    All in all, it was a pretty good way to unknowingly celebrate.

    Also, I'm sure your popcorn will eventually forgive you. The mini-bags just need some time...