Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Kite

I thought I'd take a little break from being funny to show you something awesome. I got a new kite. As of now, she's nameless, but I'm pretty sure she's a girl.

The day I bought my kite Christie and I found out that there was a kite festival going on on top of a freaking frozen lake in the middle of freaking winter. So we went.

 Christie tried out her camera for photography class for the first time, hence the black-and-white, scanned pictures, and I flew my new beautiful kite.

 [I'm not in this one.]

I've never been to a kite festival before.  It was fun, actually, to watch the sky being boring and gray until a gust of wind came up and suddenly it was filled with color. There was music playing like, Come Fly With Me and other flight-sounding songs.

Anyway. It's a busy one, this week. But life definitely doesn't suck. Hope yours is going well too.


  1. CRAPPY?!?! CRAPPY?!?! Those pictures are amazing.

    Hhaha. The prof DID tell me that the exposure time was pretty good... but those light streaks didn't work out too well.

  2. Oh! And I'm really excited about your lovely new kite!

  3. Awwwww...this post makes me happy! I'm glad you have a wonderful new kite. (I can't wait for her to have a real name.....and I can't wait to see a color picture of her.) I'm glad your life doesn't suck! (that makes a mom very happy.)

    But I DO have to disagree with you about the 'crappy' (CRAPPY?!?! CRAPPY?!?!?!) pictures! I think the first one catches your intense cold and intense concentration PERFECTLY. The second one is a great documentation of your hopefully-soon-to-be-named kite's maiden flight. And I love the photo of that little kid so bundled up that he/she can barely look into the sky to see the kites.

    What a GREAT idea to have a kite flying festival in the middle of January on a lake! It's a simply lovely idea!!!!

  4. Okay, let's talk about why I said crappy. I have something to confess...

    I think the pictures are awesome. They make me happy in every way possible, and that's why I included them. The reason I said they were crappy is because I thought the other artsy people who read this blog would say, "Pfff. Beginner." So I thought I was fitting in by already saying it.

    Peer pressure will be the end of me. :)

  5. And I've changed it. No more living a lie.