Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dreambomb, or 50-Word Sagas, or I’m Doing Something I Really Shouldn’t Be Doing.

Another round of dreams I’ve had that are too small to devote a whole post to, so I lumped them together as short stories, written with no more or less than fifty words each. Just like the other 50-Word Dreams, these four share a theme. This time, it’s “I’m Doing Something I Really Shouldn’t be Doing.” I hope you enjoy your face off. 

Dream #1
            While sharing a pool with three women (it wasn’t a sexual dream, like the other blog), our conversation was repeatedly interrupted by one girl making a sound like a muffled car horn. My frustration increased to the point of consciousness, where I discovered the sound came from my snoring dog.

Dream #2
            Mom was sick, so I agreed to assist her in eating the potato chips held between her toes. When our new Romanian maid arrived, I let her take my place. (It’s a two-person job anyway.)
            “She’s doing it wrong!” my mom croaked immediately.
            “Be patient, Mom; it’s her first time.”

Dream #3
            Secretly lighting cigars to celebrate God knows what, my friends and I smoke (but oh dear Lord don’t inhale) happily at my roommate’s cabin, making sure to avoid the gaze of disapproving parents. Suddenly one approaches and all cigars are extinguished, save mine, which I shove wholly in my mouth.

Dream #4
            The tour of a WWII destroyed mansion was getting boring when, upon inspection, I discovered a Krisp Kringle hidden amongst the rubble.
            Oh boy! My favorite crunchy, chocolaty treat!
            Then I saw another.
            And another!
            They were everywhere! It was like a Krisp Kringle egg hunt!
            I stole them all.

The end. 

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  1. Aww...you're such a good son to help me with the potato chips between my toes. But if you REALLY loved me you would have brought me some bacon/horseradish chip dip to go with them!!!